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What is Nishaani?

Nishaani is a volunteer-led initiative pushing the boundaries of diversity and representation within and outside the Sikh Community through entertainment.

Nishaani truly believes that everyone has the right to be represented in what they watch, read or play with. Being surrounded by positive role models that you can see yourself in, is at the very foundation of confidence. In order to achieve this, Nishaani has and continues to develop:

  • a one-stop streaming service for curated content about or by Sikh Creators.
  • original products that represent the Sikh community.
  • engaging stories about fun-loving, kind characters.

We’re here to help

Nishaani are aiming to build something long-lasting and self-sustaining but we’re still here to answer any questions you may have, you can reach out via email or any of our social media channels.

We absolutely loved the Jas plushie! My son's face lit up when he saw it. They promote self-confidence in our identity and faith so much so, my son says he has a twin now! Will be continuing to support this well needed business.



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