Sat, Mar 5, 2022
Press Release
Nishaani collaborates with uber-creative Crafts By Jas to distribute celebration cards to wish loved ones during the Vaisakhi period.

Pink Khanda Vaisakhi Celebration Card with Flowers

Vaisakhi, the Sikhs' most celebrated period during the year, is known worldwide for the birth of the Khalsa, the brotherhood of initiated Sikhs in 1699. Nishaani's mission to increase the representation of Sikhs has led to an opportunity to collaborate with Jas from Crafts By Jas, a handmade craft store. Jas specialises in handmade cards and party supplies, distributing them worldwide, and during April, always designs specific Vaisakhi gifts. This year, alongside purchasing products such as the Vaisakhi Countdown Calendar and Vaisakhi Greetings Card Pack, you can also buy creatively designed cards exclusive to NishaaniStore & the Crafts By Jas Store. Nishaani believes vigorously in the impact of representation on the individual and their perception in the broader community and applauds Crafts By Jas on this particular venture.

Blue Khanda Vaisakhi Celebration Card with Flowers and Pink Dusty Envelope
Happy Vaisakhi Celebration Card by Crafts By Jas

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