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From the world’s first Sikh streaming service with curated and original content to exclusive official merchandise that is both diverse and representative.

About us

What is Nishaani?

Nishaani is a volunteer-led initiative pushing the boundaries of diversity and representation within and outside the Sikh Community through entertainment.

Since it’s inception Nishaani has and continues to develop original products, a curated streaming service and original stories for everyone to enjoy.

We absolutely loved the Jas plushie! My son's face lit up when he saw it. They promote self-confidence in our identity and faith so much so, my son says he has a twin now! Will be continuing to support this well needed business.



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Truly discover Sikh content

Nishaani+ is the home of your favourite content creators and the only place to discover new ones. Curated, age-appropriate content available to you whenever, wherever and completely ad-free. Whether you want to watch documentaries, kirtan, animations or more, it’s all available to you now.

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Fill their minds with limitless possibilities

Nishaani truly believes to inspire a generation, we must surround ourselves with diverse & representative books, toys and role models. That’s why NishaaniStore is the only place to get your official Nishaani merchandise, from Sikh plushies to magazine subscriptions, it’s all available to you now.

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Trusted by over 12 amazing content creators

Immortal Productions
Dharam Seva Records
Qi Rattan
Taren Kaur
Khalsa Cubs
Flex Singh
Rehmat Rayatt
Nanak Naam
Singh Mahoon
Pardesi Studios

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